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Our upcoming products and features

Here are a few things we're working on right now. Check out what features are in development, what products we're testing out, and which ones are coming soon.

Mockup generator

With the generator being one of the most used tools, it only makes sense to give it a little makeover. The new generator will allow you to upload different images for front, back prints as well as inside/ outside labels. Customizing the generated file names is another great feature the new generator will have. In a nutshell, it'll be similar to the product push generator.

Embroidery on more apparel

Why limit yourself? Soon, you'll have more embroidery options on garments, which opens up creative possibilities!

Cut & sew t-shirts

We already do cut & sew sublimation for leggings and pillows, and we plan on offering it for t-shirts. That means your designs will be all-over printed on the t-shirt, and then it'll be sewn together. Cut & sew t-shirts will be more expensive but they'll be better quality (no white creases!).

Activewear products

Shirts, shorts, tanks – we're experimenting with apparel you can wear to the gym.

Have a burning feature or product request that should be added to our roadmap? Email support@theprintful.com with your ideas.

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