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Does Printful ship International?

Printful does offer international shipping.

If you do not offer live calculated shipping rates on your site and instead charge flat rates - the order is sent out with the most affordable carrier available at that time.

For international orders, it is most likely going to be sent out via International Economy Shipping WITHOUT tracking. Since the package has no international tracking available, it does not get scanned in each warehouse and location it arrives at, which makes it more prone to being lost in transit. 

The next most affordable carrier is most likely going to be International Economy WITH tracking. It has tracking available, which means it can be traced and is not likely to get lost. 

If you decide to not use these or any other particular carriers, you can edit your selection by going to your store > Edit > Carriers and Services. Here's how you can do it. Keep in mind that when you deselect a carrier, you also have to deselect the flat rate option. As previously mentioned, the flat rate will always use the most affordable carrier available at that time, even if you have deselected it. 

If your packages ever do get lost in transit, we take full responsibility and either refund you or send out a new product. 

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